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Now you can have complete control of your central heating using your mobile phone.

Using your mobile phone you can turn your central heating on or off remotely from anywhere in the world! The simplicity of a phone call, with the control of actually being at home yourself.



With SMS Central Heating, you can control your central heating system and other electrical appliances in your home by using your mobile phone.

It’s as simple as sending a text message or making a call to your dedicated telephone number. It won’t even cost you the price of a call as the unit activates the appliance without answering the call.

It’s totally secure, as it only works from assigned phone numbers.

Find out more about controlling your central heating from your mobile phone.

Energy efficient
Only heat your home when you need it. Keep complete control over your energy bills.

Have a holiday home?
Have your holiday home snug and warm for your arrival.

Going for a meal after work?
Turn it off, turn it back on again when you're on your way home.

Match your schedule
Coming home early or working late at the office? Make your heating fit with your variable schedule.

Looking after elderly parents?
Operate their home's central heating for your own peace of mind.

Improve security
It’s not just heating you can control, improve security by operating other appliances whilst you’re not at home.